My two personal journalistic highlights of 2013

It’s 2014, and I can’t quite believe it. 2013 was memorable, and I’ll sure all of you will agree if you’re looking on gaming terms, with massive titles such as BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V, but both were arguably dwarfed by the release of XBOX One and PlayStation 4. The games journalist has had the opportunity to write about one of the most important years in recent gaming history.

I don’t just want to talk my thoughts on the year’s games, or purely about my writing games journalism. I’ll be looking specifically at my personal highlights as a writer across all fields.

2) Radio and Podcasting

I’ve done a lot of radio work in the past year, to my surprise, and it’s made me realise that I have an unexpected passion for it.

It started when I was unexpectedly asked to co-host the sports segment on Amplify, one of the shows on Bath Spa University’s student radio. It was an opportunity that I was keen to take up as I love sport. However, it was nerve-wracking entering the studio for the first time, with other hosts watching me from beyond the glass. I didn’t know if I could pull it off. Apparently I can, though I’m still learning.

My co-host and I had the idea to do something that combined news with analysis. The balance was a difficult one to strike, and I found switching from one to the other a little difficult. SpaLife has tested my talents as a speaker as I’ve not just done sports but experienced film review and chat too, and I’ve loved it.

Since then, I have indeed been in an episode of PSU’s podcast, PlayStation Unchained, which was great fun. It’s easy to forget that you’re doing work when you’re talking to a bunch of friends about your mutual and personal passions.

One of my great passions is the Star Wars franchise, so it was with no reluctance at all that I took the opportunity to guest on EUCantina’s EUCast. There has been a pan of Star Wars related information boiling in my head for years, and to be able to release some of it, to be able to seriously discuss something I have a deep interest in, was a real highlight of the year.

1) Working for PlayStation Universe

My highlight has undoubtedly been working for PlayStation Universe. It’s been a tremendous, exciting time, and I can’t believe I’m nearly at the point of having been staff for one year.

It is said that joining workplaces can be sometimes intimidating. I never found that the case at PSU. From the start it seemed a place where I could share my ideas and they would be seriously considered as if I wasn’t just new on the team.

Finding my feet took a little time as it does with anywhere. I had writing experience, but with any new environment, one has to get used to the way that things are done. I had to become familiar to the ideas of working with a team of people over the internet, making sure I posted regularly, etc. The thrill has been from trying to master all of this; I find no thrill in standing still.

Getting increasingly involved has been brilliantly, and I’ve loved taking the variety of stuff that I’ve done: covering the E3 livestream, podcasting, general day-to-day writing and, most of all, working with a creative and energetic group of people.

To sum up my journalistic year, the real pleasure has been tailoring it towards my passions. The last year was one of the first where I was able to go in my own direction and make what I believe to be a real success of it.


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