Review: The WordPress Android App (Part 1)

This is the first part of my two part review of the WordPress app. The second part, which will constitute a hands-on on the go, will arrive on Wednesday at the earlier time of midday.

The app was tested on a Sony Xperia J mobile phone.

I felt a sense of doubt when I first launched the WordPress app. WordPress has so many customisation options and is pretty easy to use, but I feared that neither aspect would translate into the app. What I found was a well crafted app, but one that didn’t totally confront my concerns.

The most striking aspect of the app is it’s simplicity. There’s a sideboard but no dashboard, which seems to signal the intended use of this app: it is for blogging on the go, not for intricacies. That said, you can pick themes and look at stats, meaning that this is probably all you need after an initial PC setup.

Thankfully, you can write a post and no-one would be none the wiser as to the fact that it came from the app. The options are fairly comprehensive, though lacking the ‘kitchen sink’ found in the browser. However, images proved to be a source of hassle, by not always ending up where you want them despite alignment options.

You certainly aren’t the target audience of the app if you are a blog reader instead of a producer. WordPress’ reader is fully functional and is good for reading the blogs you follow. You won’t be happy if you’re trying to find new ones, though, as you can’t search by tag.

The app is fully functional and is a recommended download. It can’t be recommended as an alternative to the browser version, as it lacks the extensive functionality of it’s parent version. 


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