2014 Update #2


You might have noticed that the podcast that I promised isn’t up and ready yet, and for that I am sorry. However, it has been recorded and I am in the editing process.


I look forward to you hearing it.

All the best to you!


2014 Update #1


The face above represents my disappointment in that I can’t get the second part of the review to you today. My phone charger is not with me, and my phone is due to die imminently.

I would like to state that this post had come from my phone, so I can give you a quick preview of my thoughts: I’m happy, especially with how easily you can share photos to WordPress.

To assuage your disappointment, I’ll be doing my first podcast today! The app review will follow on Friday at 12pm.

Cheers for now!

UPDATE: I’ve made the image smaller as I wasn’t too happy with how my face was blown to gigantic proportions. This might have been an error on my part, as I missed as to whether there were size options on the app.

A late Christmas gift!

Hi all,

Hope you have had an excellent Christmas and plenty of downtime.

Apologies for there being no posts last week–I should have warned you that I wouldn’t be posting over the Christmas week. However, this week I’ll be posting on New Year’s Eve, January 2nd and January 3rd. After that, the posting schedule will return to Monday and Friday as per usual.

All the best,